Wielton trailers and semi-trailers

WIELTON trailers and semi-trailers are the latest addition to our product range. The current Wielton offer comprises of 15 product groups available in more than 800 configurations. Owing to the extensive sales network more than 75,000 semi-trailers and trailers with the Wielton logo are already out on the roads and the company products are currently sold in 35 countries around the world, making Wielton one of top three trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer in Europe. The Wielton Group has two production centers in Poland and France and two assembly plants located in Italy and Russia. Wielton group operates globally through strong local brands: Fruehauf inFrance, Langendorf in Germany, Viberti and Cardi in Italy.

Wielton product range:
  • platform curtain body, trailer and semitrailer
  • tipper body, trailer and semitrailer
  • low bed trailer and semitrailer
  • low loader trailer chassis, BDF container, Baustoff
  • refrigerated box
  • self-unloading walking floor trailers
  • full range of accessories and spare parts
  • professional assistance in choosing and configuration of trailers and semi-trailers

CIAK Truck is the exclusive distributor for Wielton trailers and semi-trailers in Croatia.


Nenad Mlinac
Wielton sales manager
Tel:    +38513765951
Fax:   +38513765953
Mob: +385918852255